The Adventure of Public Housing Kids

The founders of Ho Ho Go are typical “public housing kids”. We dwelled at public housing estates in 1970-1980’s. We were not living a well-off condition but maintained a very good mutual support with our neighbours. After finishing all work at hand, the ladies would ...

Kowloon Walled City – To See In-depth

The “Seeking Nine Dragons” tour covers an extensive location. We start from Wong Tai Sin, moving around Kowloon City, and end up at To Kwa Wan. We are so grateful to the guest who has elaborated our activity...

Urgent Annoumcement

"Ding Zau" @ Nam Wah Po

Lam Tsuen is one of the busiest spots during the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. The serenity of the villages is dissolved by thousands of visitors who thronged to Fong Ma Po, one of the Lam Tsuen villages, to make their wish before the renowned “Wishing Tree” at the beginning of the lunar New Year.

You deserve a good cup of tea

David and Iling are tea experts. The couple has materialized our long awaiting planning for a tea appreciation activity. With our thin knowledge on tea, we

Second Anniversary

This month marks the second anniversary of the ‪Ho Ho Go Experience‬. To celebrate, we are NOT going to make any special offers but to ......

New Challenge

Recently, Ho Ho Go Experience has taken on a new challenge. I used to teach in a primary school, high schools and a post secondary college ...

This is a story about N_w Balance vs N_w Balun.

A couple of days ago, we came across another "Ho Ho" business doing accommodation service. We were so excited to know there were some other Ho Ho in the industry and looked into the possibility of establishing synergy.

Scent of Flowers

The Flower Market at Mongkok is a comfort zone to many Hongkongers. In the hustle and bustle of the narrow Flower Market Street, shoppers are busy choosing their favourite plants to make their home and workplace green.

Be Our Guest

Thank God, the new Ho Ho Go has been settled. Special thanks to our good friends who have joined our housewarming party. As a token of appreciation, a petite docent tour ......

Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

This message serves to inform our friends that Ho Ho Go has moved! However, when drafting this, the captioned verse entered into my mind. It's amazing...

May Hong Kong “Ho Ho Go” (Stay Well) ~

Since the inception of Ho Ho Go, we have been making every attempt on promotion. While the feedback has been lukewarm. The aggressive ones were those offered interview package with commercial incentive (no idea what is of priority). Having looked into our budget plan ......

It’s all about daily life

For some reasons, we have to temporarily stay in a traditional village in the New Territory. This village belongs to one of the Great Five Clans of Hong Kong. Out of curiosity ......

We are just a Start-up of cultural historic tours and lifestyle activities

Ho Ho Go would like to make an announcement: We need to charge in full during booking. In particular for private tour which involved a lot of pre-paid logistics ......

“We need a break”

Recently, EDiversity launches a series of activities under the theme “We Need a Break”. The theme well matches the activities delivered by Ho Ho Go. We therefore offered to sponsor free participation in our activity to the award winners of the “We Need a Break” Facebook Video Campaign.

Tangible memory

Master Choi Chi and her husband are no strangers in the local art and handicraft trade. When they have time, they will travel abroad for attaining new skills.

Prophecy? No. This is "development"

Sad but true that such live history in Hong Kong will not last long. It will be gone in the near future when the clock of urban development ticks again.

Happy New Year….well, it seems that I owed you a Christmas greeting….

Our name, “Ho Ho Go” carries dual meaning in essence. In English, it resembles the crispy laughter of the Christmas Father...

The first scene of Seeking Nine Dragons: Spirit of Lion Rock

Have you noticed the silhouette of a lion in the logo of the Hong Kong Tourism Board? It is the Lion Rock, a remarkable landmark of Kowloon Peninsula. This is also the first spot of our Seeking Nine Dragons activity.

A gift from Hong Kong *

I used to work in a renowned international fashion magazine after my graduation (not the synopsis of the "Devil who wears Prada"....). One day ......

Lou Dai Geok Mo (Leave your hair on legs)

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