Pottery Stall FB 2015

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Master Choi Chi and her husband are no strangers in the local art and handicraft trade. When they have time, they will travel abroad for attaining new skills. They appreciate knowledge with humility. Just like their sophistication in art and handcraft, it's something really admirable.

Master Choi's workshop is next to the most popular cookie shop to tourists. One day, when she encountering the hectic queue before the shop, she commented "we will try to attend some classes when travel. Why people come to Hong Kong just spent so much time on lining up for a pack of cookies?" I concurred her view, this was also how the idea of "Be my souvenir" popped up.

In Ho Ho Go's business plan, we would like our participants to bring some " sweet and tangible memories" back home. Memory embedded in a handmade lovely handicraft under Master Choi's instruction, should be far more durable than a box of cookies....