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Spend-to-Redeem Local Tour (FREE)

Shuttle through Villages Past and Present

03 December 2022 (Sat), 17 December 2022 (Sat)

Registration Date: start from 22 November 2022 at 10 a.m.

For tour detils, please refer to the chinese version

Booking Procedure

Starting from 10 October 2022, spend HK$800 or more at eligible physical retail* and/or physical dining# outlets, save your receipts and pass to a designated travel agent (‘Participating Travel Agent’) to join the local tour (maximum two machine-printed receipts per person per redemption).

Vaccine Pass


Please get your COVID-19 vaccination records and original copy of the receipts ready. You are required to upload a copy in one Doc/PDF/JPEG file and sized less that 1MB. OR email to us on the same day of registration. Email:, please state the date of trip, name and phone number, e.g: Trip on 12 July 2022, Mr. CHAN Tai Man, Miss. MA Siu Ying, Tel: 2345 6789

Cash Payment Receipts

Electronic Payment Receipts

Exemption on Spending (Retail)

Receipt from purchases of admission tickets; cake coupons; cash vouchers; gift vouchers or cards; stored-value cards; stamps; subscription; stored-value membership cards; car washes; petrol filling; telecommunications services; medical services; beauty and massage services; course enrolment; banking services; insurance services; investment services’ the Hong Kong Jockey Club betting services; charity donations; car parking; deposits of any retail or dining outlets; re-loading of Octopus card; PPS payments; legal fees; real estate agency commission; and rental payments are not eligible for the Programme

Please get your Vaccination Record and Receipts ready as one image file.

1) Upload the image file in the online applicaiton form OR;
2) Email the image file to on the same day of registration
(With the date of trip selected, your name and phone number)

Registration start on 22 November 2022 at 10 am

(Early submission will not be accepted)

Booking Form

For details of HKTB Spend-to-redeem local tour programme, please visit: 

HKTB Spend-to-redeem local tour programme (Receipt matters) Enquiry:
Hotline:2807 6100

HKTB Spend-to-redeem local tour programme (Registration and Itinerary) Enquiry:
Hotline:3583 1184

Service Hours:
Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm);
Saturday (9am to 1pm);
except public holidays and Sundays