Ho Ho Go 好好過

An integration of
traditional attractions and community's hidden gems;
leisure travel and cultural enrichment;
enjoyment and livelihood


 "Ho Ho" reminds us of the crispy laughter of Father Christmas - an expectation of joy and pleasant surprises. These are what the guided tours of Ho Ho Go will present to our guests. Ho Ho Go is also the homonym of "好好過" in Cantonese. "好好過" is a humble blessing in Chinese which means having an easy and a fulfilling livelihood. This is also the essence of our historic cultural walks, workshops, and geoheritage excursions. We don't make you a tourist with our activities, but a friend who lives in Hong Kong today.



Each of our thematic tours tells stories of Hong Kong’s development. Our routes generally cover tradition and off-the-beaten-path attractions to suit guests who come to Hong Kong for the first time or have been here for long.  Ho Ho Go also interested in picking the routes which may undergo a drastic change in the near future. We hope our guests, no matter local or from overseas, to share a piece of Hong Kong memory.



Ho Ho Go is a social enterprise. Our operation follows the principles listed below:

  1. To provide job and training and matching opportunities to the less privileged of the society.
  2. To prioritize other social enterprises as business partners and/or service providers.
  3. To surrender all tip and assign a portion of profit for charity and community betterment purpose.
  4. To bring the message of heritage and community conservation to local and overseas guests.
  5. To adopt an environmental friendly operation as far as possible.
  6. To participate in the activities and campaigns for social betterment from time to time.

Our team


Henry Fong

A building surveyor who will contribute his sophisticated knowledge in the architectural significance of Hong Kong when planning the route for Ho Ho Go.



Janice is a seasoned administrator who makes our life so much easier.


Choi Chi

A renowned local artist whose works have been well received by government departments, NGO as well as private sector.  You may have come across her lovely ornaments and souvenirs in some local establishments but may not aware the mastermind behind.  She is the instructor of the "Be My Souvenir" activity. Under her guidance, you can create your world's only art piece as part of the good memories in Hong Kong.


Gary Tang

The technical master of everything about Ho Ho Go...



The sales and marketing expert who bringing us to the next level.



Travel expert seasoned by all kinds of routes.



Cherrie is a diligent young mother who has been doing so well in coordinating her family. She is now taking the challenge to coordinating the daily operation of Ho Ho Go.



Local travel expert for over 30 years. Mr know-it-all of the indigenous check-points.


Ling Ho

A master degree holder, a writer, a teacher, a journalist, a Traditional Chinese Medicine student, an administrator of ancient temple restoration, an event manager, a senior administrator of international students programme...wow, that is the past of Ling and being a tourist guide pass holder is her present.  With her extensive knowledge on culture and history of Hong Kong, she will certainly bring you to an interesting horizon when wandering around the territory.

Culture Guides and Advisers:

Jeremy F, Wing M, Maria K, Celeste C, Jarvis Y

Strategic Partners

Eedxtreme Academy
Pottery Store