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Discovering Kowloon’s Architectural Treasures


Kowloon is home to many elegant Tang Lou (aka tenement flats) buildings, often overlooked due to their lack of heritage grading or social media fame. These pre-war and post-war structures have preserved many intricate details, offering a glimpse into Hong Kong’s 20th-century architectural history. Join us as we explore what defines a Tang Lou, and how their design evolved with changing times. Marvel at these ungraded yet exquisite buildings and savor local snacks along the way.


Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

Decoding the Ancient Water Conduit


Pok Fu Lam marks the beginning of Hong Kong’s public waterworks history, but how much do we really know about its hidden water heritage? Thanks to Mr. Ip Chi Kuen, former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Science Museum and former advisor to the Water Supplies Department’s Water Resources Education Centre, we have an exciting journey mapped out to uncover Hong Kong’s oldest waterway. Armed with Mr. Ip’s historical research as our treasure map, and guided by eco-tour experts, we are set to decode the secrets of these ancient waterways!

Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

Why is Hong Kong Called Hong Kong?


Huh, asking "Why is Hong Kong called Hong Kong" again... Wait a minute... Is there really a story behind it? Is Aberdeen the “Little Hong Kong” or is it Ap Lei Chau? Is Hong Kong named after fragrant harbors, fragrant water, or fragrant wood?

Let’s dive into maps and ancient texts to explore whether the name “Hong Kong” has ancient roots or is just a complex legend.

We’ll start our storytelling in Wong Chuk Hang, then head to Hong Kong Wai (and check out the vanished Paris Farm—it’s a quick journey from Hong Kong to Paris in just minutes). We’ll search for ancient stone carvings to gauge Hong Kong’s history, and finally, we’ll visit the old British military ammunition depot in Shouson Hill, Little Hong Kong, to see if we can uncover more clues.

Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

Exploring The Garden Cities


In 1898, when the area south of Boundary Street was “permanently leased” to the British and became “New Kowloon,” three regions were planned based on Sir Ebenezer Howard’s “Garden City” concept. These garden city-style communities were designed for the Portuguese, British, and Chinese populations. Over time and with urban development, the garden city communities for the Portuguese and Chinese have vanished without a trace, leaving only the British community with lingering traces of its English heritage, which are gradually fading away...

We’ll delve into the architectural planning and investigate the boundaries of Boundary Street, and understand the historical context of these unique communities.

Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

Sunset Ancient Tree Workshop


Tree doctor Sam isn’t just an expert in tree care; he’s also a storyteller who uses trees to weave fascinating tales. Using the nighttime trail at Fanling Golf Course as our classroom, Sam will teach us all about trees. The plant species and feng shui forest in this area offer a serene environment, perfect for making friends with the trees and deepening our understanding of their significance.


Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

Kwai Chung Stories


Every landscape has its beauty, but it’s the love Hong Kong people have for their city that truly makes it beautiful, especially when it comes to the places we’ve lost or are losing. Kwai Chung is one of the areas that has rapidly transformed, turning into a concrete jungle before we could fully appreciate its beauty.

Join young "Indigenous inhabitant" Emilie shares the stories of Kwai Chung, a place so close yet so far. We’ll explore the remnants and tales of what was once Hong Kong’s third-largest dairy farm, uncovering its rich history along the way.

Reference Rate: HK$360, US$45

All About South China Pirates


The genuine King of the Ocean in 17th-19th centuries was not Captain Jack Sparrow, but Pirates of the South China Sea. The King pirates Cheung Po Tsai is even an all-time legend. Essentially, trace of pirates in the old days can be found in Hong Kong. Let’s travel from Tung Chung to Kowloon to learn about the Real Pirate Stories.

The trip starts at Tung Chung Fort and Tung Chung Battery for the great battles with the pirates. Will also en route to see the unique stone temple there.

Reference Rate: HK$480, US$60