I used to work in a renowned international fashion magazine after my graduation (not the synopsis of the "Devil who wears Prada"....). One day, our editor-in-Chief was attending the graduation fashion show of an institution as a VIP. She wore a prêt-à-porter collection from a luxury brand. Her exquisite outfit was utterly impressed all of us but I used my limited RAM in mind to store her comment rather than how she looked, " To the designer brands worldwide, this graduation fashion show is one of their crucial annual events. They will send representatives to the show for hunting potential fresh graduates. Being the editor-in-Chief....(the rest was not worth to mention at all....)"

Korean style is dominating nowadays. It is very hard to convince others that Hong Kong used to be one of the Asian fashion icons. However, the sophisticated ones (too sensitive to use adjectives like old or mature...) may share my view. Hong Kong was one of the leading cities in textile and clothing industry. This would not be possible without those hardworking skillful women workers. However, when Mainland China implemented the preferential policy for the Hong Kong enterprises in the 1980's, most of the production lines of Hong Kong industries were moved to Mainland China and had driven out these women from the labour market.

Recently, some NGOs have mobilized these women to set up social enterprises so as to leverage their skill to the market again.

Ho Ho Go has invited the skillful ladies from Community Oriented Mutual Economy of the St James Settlement to produce the little gifts for our guests - a lovely tote bag. All tote bags are different in pattern, 100% hand-made in Hong Kong. Not only this tote bag plays a crucial role in Ho Ho Go's guide tours, but also a symbol of the Hong Kong people's "can-do" spirit. We would like to extend our gratitude to Madams Jane and Kim who made us this lovely gift.

You may have noticed the tag of Ho Ho Go's logo is just an icing on the cake. This is the silk screen printing by Choi Chi, our master of "Be My Souvenir" workshop. She is going to teach our guests crafting their own bonsai in glass pot and snow globe. Check it out!

*Gifts for participants of B1a, B1b and B2 activities are non-woven fabric tote bags