The founders of Ho Ho Go are typical “public housing kids”. We dwelled at public housing estates in 1970-1980’s. We were not living a well-off condition but maintained a very good mutual support with our neighbours. After finishing all work at hand, the ladies would gather together and play mah-jong. It was also the time for kids to start their Tom-Sawyer style adventure.

In early days, the architectural design of public housing estates had many paths connecting various blocks. The common space of the estates was essentially our Neverland by imagination. The discovery of ‘Secret newfound land’ was mostly out of our fantasy. However, there was always exceptional. Kelvin, another public housing kid, had genuinely discovered a kung-fu master, a military base, the ‘King’s’ calligraphy, and a cursed boulder in his adventure.

Our Childhood’ tour is to hunt the Easter eggs of childhood memories with Kelvin. Apart from the aforementioned discoveries, we will also visit the rainbow playground, mysterious light wells and a rural village located downtown. Kelvin will also treat you with egg-tart when telling you the unique culture of the Hong Kong showbiz. This is going to be a community walk full of surprise.

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