Source: Apple Daily, 04 Feb 2015, 半圓筒「兵營」屹立半世紀, URL: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20150204/19028833


In the introduction to Seeking Nine Dragons docent tour, the description reads

“Sad but true that such live history in Hong Kong will not last long. It will be gone in the near future when the clock of urban development ticks again.”

When my friends read this, they commented, "Are you making prophecy?" I usually replied with a wry smile.  We all understand that this is not a "prophecy", but so-called "development".  Recently, when I came across this newspaper clipping about the demolishment of the Hong Kong Aviation Club, the feeling is so mixed, in particular, it is one of the spots en route of the Seeking Nine Dragons walking tour.

Hong Kong Aviation Club witnessed the aviation development in Hong Kong.  The story is dating back to 1928.  The Nissen Hut shown in the news clipping is the oldest surviving building of the entire Kai Tak area.  It has been graded as Grade 3 Historical Building together with the other two blocks of the Club.  It's such a great pity that they are going to make way for the development.  The Seeking Nine Dragons tour will certainly keep the full story about the Hong Kong Aviation Club.  However, the structure cannot be kept in the near future as the clock of urban development ticks......