A couple of days ago, we came across another "Ho Ho" business doing accommodation service. We were so excited to know there were some other Ho Ho in the industry and looked into the possibility of establishing synergy. However, when we taking a closer look into its website, we were highly disappointed! It uses Christmas Father's laughter to explain the implication of " Ho Ho" and use "Experience" to market their walking tour.

Well, when we deciding the name of our business and content of our webpage, it has been gone through many people with their input and comments. We use Christmas Father's laughter to explain "Ho Ho" was essentially from the idea of our best friend's lovely girl. We use the term "Experience" is intended to bring out the essence of a culture tour in a light and funny manner. Even the leaflet that we "share similar idea" (hope so), it was designed by my best friend when she was in a very unpleasant medical condition. So every piece of our idea has its own story behind. We presume the other "Ho Ho" also has its own "good" explanation on their work. We just wish to declare our interest here.

We shall respect intellectual property under whatever circumstance!