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Since the inception of Ho Ho Go, we have been making every attempt on promotion. While the feedback has been lukewarm.  The aggressive ones were those offered interview package with commercial incentive (no idea what is of priority).  Having looked into our budget plan, we couldn’t help but let them down. 

When received the interview invitation from “Cho Cheung π” (Playground π), I’d almost replied “Sorry, we have no budget for advertisement.” Yet, the invitation was too straightforward to be refused.  We accepted the invitation (after thirty second hestitation). On the interview day, Master Choi Chi had a handicraft class to teach, Gray was too shy to be interviewed, only Henry and I attended the programme.  The interview was essentially a hearty one.  Feel like met two new friends.  After the interview, Henry commented the young programme hosts were wit and smart.  I presumed this should be how the Hong Kong young generation be like.

When the interview was broadcasted, the young men updated their FB status: it’s been a great pleasure to have Ho Ho Go Experience joined our “GaGiNan” section. They shared their idea on making Hong Kong lifestyle as a docent element, and let us know the historic value of the territory.  There are not many people truly appreciate/know Hong Kong.  Let the local people take the lead in this initiative.

Strange enough, the status made my eyes wet……

Let us work hard to make Hong Kong and people here “Ho Ho Go” (to stay well)

(PS: What Jaffee and Steve was holding were little albums that distributed to every participants during the tour.  This is a “docent visual aid” presenting what had happened in the past at the particular location they visiting.  This is a small tool to let our participants be more “in group”)

Interview archive (Cantonese only): http://www.metroradio.com.hk/MMD/ProgramArchive.aspx?channel=MMD&language=en&date=2015/12/18