Every time when I was back from overseas trip, I looked out of the train window and imagined if I were a foreign visitor, how would I feel about this city.  I was quite amused with this thought and was very eager to walk around the city.

Every time when I saw visitors listen to their tourist guide briefing on the attractions, I just didn't understand why the most interesting part was always missing? When I saw those individual travelers wander around, I really wanted to tell them something fun was just around the corner.

In this regards, when I schedule the itinerary for my overseas friends' Hong Kong visit, I will make every attempt to connect the traditional attractions with places of interest in the local community.  This is also my favourite way of travel.  My arrangements have been well received and my friends always commented I was a born tourist guide.

Hong Kong is experiencing rapid changes recently.  I wish to introduce the Hong Kong I know to local and overseas friends with my style: an integration of travel, culture, history and livelihood in a walking activity, so that my guests may "lou dai geok mo (Cantonese slang, literally "leave their hair on legs".  Hong Kongers describe a place where they have lingered and know well as "leave their hair on legs there")

Let me show you around the place I was born, I grew up and love, and "leave your hair on legs there".