It has brought to our attention that a guest has submitted a detailed review to TripAdvisor on our “Seeking Nine Dragon” tour. The feedback is both encouraging and impressive.

The “Seeking Nine Dragons” tour covers an extensive location. We start from Wong Tai Sin, moving around Kowloon City, and end up at To Kwa Wan. We are so grateful to the guest who has elaborated our activity in details in her review. To visitors, what they visited were some local hidden gems or secret attractions. To us, it was just something in our childhood diary.

People may focus their attention on the Wong Tai Sin’s (Grand Fairy Wong) miraculous power of “responding to every request”. While, adventure to the ancient tomb adjacent to the temple, and pleading for the “divine medication” has been our childhood activities. For greater exploration, we would move to Kowloon City.

Far from it becoming a district for gourmets, Kowloon City was once a place for us to fetch cheap price fashion and school uniform. The names of streets in Kowloon City also remind us of the villages once existed there. We love to stroll along the district and tell our guests about the architectures dated back to 1930’s. Foodie is a must but we only pick the best one, the one that has not failed us since we were lads.

The highlight of the tour is the vanished Kowloon Walled City. There are lots of stories to tell. Relics and monument there witness its significance in the history of time. We are particularly affectionate to the Kowloon Walled City as it marked part of our daily life. Our parents did visit the unlicensed dentists there. Our final year project on building surveying in the university was there—we used to jump on the rooftops of the buildings to move around when making our project.

After Kowloon Walled City is To Kwa Wan, it used to be a hard decision for us.

Not many visitors know about To Kwa Wan—a place has been frozen for almost half of a century and will be developed very soon. In general, many tours end at Kowloon Walled City. We really hesitate to give up showing this place to our guests – a place currently belongs to the working class, a place where we can see the battlefield of the very first round of the Opium War. We will send our guests back by minibus there – a very local experience. Having read the review, our struggle ends and we decided to keep the itinerary intact until the bulldozer launches……

Are you interested in “Seeking the Nine Dragons” with us?

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