Corinthians 5:17

all things are become new.jpg

This message serves to inform our friends that Ho Ho Go has moved! However, when drafting this, the captioned verse entered into my mind. It's amazing.

Recalling the time when we looking for a new office from the most unaffordable city of the world, it was an utterly desperate experience. Thank God we found this tiny place from the old industrial district. A district where recently the young one chasing their dreams. Looking at the tiny office space, we've got a crazy idea: what about a social experience of using the most eco friendly way to refurbish it? We therefore made attempt to decorate the office through upcycling and recruiting (saving) abandon furniture. Finally, we achieved 95% of our goal! This proves that the our mother earth has been paid for our material lifestyle. Whilst, we have taken it for granted rather than think before buying.

When the new Ho Ho Go is fully functioning, a free petite docent tour will be arranged for our visitors. Please stay with our announcement on the respective arrangement. We look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.