Since the opening of Ho Ho Go, we have received a lot of inquiries. Some are very interesting like inviting us to collect money from some African banks.

The most heart breaking ones were those claimed themselves asking quotation for private tour and end up something strange. Why this is heartbreaking? These "inquiries" do not hurt our income at all. However, after we devoting to make the unique itinerary for those "inquiries" and turned out to be..... it really hurts our feeling!

Ho Ho Go therefore would like to make an announcement: We need to charge in full during booking. In particular for private tour which involved a lot of pre-paid logistics, and the respective refund policy is also harsh. We normally don't make refund for private tour under whatever circumstance as the pre-paid logistics is not managed on our side.

Apart from the above , we absolutely do not handle payment not related to our company since we need to report to the police in advance for any payment of this kind to avoid suspected illegal deals. Further, we require participants information on their name, gender, age, passport or ID number, as well as other information as required by our insurance company.

Yes, we are a start-up working on a very tight profit margin. What support us is the belief of our business is not solely work for Hong Kong tourism, but also our culture, history and way of living that make our clients be part of our city.

Final analysis: Dear Villains, we are just a non-substantial size start-up, please leave us alone!