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Recently, Ho Ho Go Experience has taken on a new challenge.

I used to teach in a primary school, high schools and a post secondary college. While Ho Ho Go gives me the most exciting teaching experience of my entire teaching career. I am appointed by an elderly centre to be the trainer of a cultural walking tour guide class.

Senior citizens to take up the role of local walking tour guide is an ideal arrangement. The timeline of the community development overlapped with theirs. They are live landmarks of the community who know the community like the back of their hands. Further, they have witnessed the change of the community in different positions. What they saw and experienced will be funny stories to be shared among the participants.

The most encouraging of all, I find the senior students are the most diligent and attentive students that I have ever met. In this connection, we have delivered our best in return.

As a guide of cultural tour, be a trainer is a new challenge. As a teacher, I have no regret at all in my entire teaching career.